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How to boost your sales and Grow your business on E-commerce


I’m Amogh from SW cybernetics

A lot of the seller ask us questions on how to improve their sales and grow their business on marketplaces.

  1. Cataloguing- Invest in the catalogue, take time Keywords, Images, Description, Infographics, Videos, A+ content. Treat it like an asset and less like an expenditure.

  2. Use Channel Fulfilment- Use the marketplaces warehouse as much as possible. It helps improve the visibility of your products.

  3. Delivery Time- Please offer very prompt and quick SLA so you can deliver faster to your buyers. A lot of buyers sort the entire selection according to the delivery time before purchasing.

  4. Feedback- Try and generate genuine customer feedback. Every customer is reading reviews before ordering. It will not only help in increasing sales but also will be great for establishing your Brand.

  5. Pricing- On the platform it is very easy for a customer to do a price comparison with your competitors you must keep your prices always sharp. Making a sustainable margin is very important and hence you should be innovate in managing your overheads.

A quick recap about the TOP 5 thigs:

Cataloging, Fulfilment, Delivery time, Feedback, Pricing

If you need any help with any of the above points do send us a message and email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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