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What is an SKU?

Updated: May 1, 2020


After we register on E-Commerce Marketplaces we are supposed to make our catalogues. When we start the cataloguing process, we are asked the SKU or SKU ID. SKU stands for Stock keeping Unit. It simply means an article number. You should always try and maintain the same SKU across all marketplaces it is easier for you to manage inventory.

We can assign any random number or alpha numeric code according to our choice. I usually use an SKU master which I prepared in Excel. This helps me track all the details of the products in one single sheet.

The SKU master has most of the mandatory information you would need to start filling out the catalog sheet. So if you have all the information ready before hand it will help you save on a lot of time.

I’m attaching a link for you to download and use my SKU master.

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